Main New Vapes Inventory You should Know in August

Hi vapes,
So fast, August just left three days. Let's take a look at the excellent products that are worth buying in August!  :P
1,The strongest finished product, SMOK TFV12 (Believe it nor not, it doesn’t burn when the wattage is more than 350w)

As the latest representative of SMOK, TFV12’s supporting facilities are full. In addition to a variety of finished coil, it also comes with two RBA, which tastes so nice. All in all, it is a good atomizer!

2,Young style Tesla WYE 200W TC (Super light and nice)

Produced by engineering plastics, the mod is super light even it come with two batteries. The texture of the skin is excellent. From my part, the color is very fashion and zipper design is personalized. In terms of performance,the maximum output of 200W can meet the needs of most vapers.

3, Taste wonderful Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA (WOTOFO is so crazy about making single RTA)

It has 4ml oil reserves in a very small volume. The new electrode column+the intake structure, +the appropriate size of the atomization bin make the atomizer has excellent coil adaptability.

4,Deformation just in one second, Augvape Merlin Mini RTA(New direction between Drip and Tank)

When you have the Merlin miniRTA and Merlin mini dripping armor, this means that you have four different performance atomizers, no doubt this is a very high cost-effective choice.
Simple replacement operation, excellent taste of smoke performance, very low price, these features can almost make this atomizer become the first choice for new vapers.

Finally, I hope that every vaper can use the most cost-effective to buy your favorite vapes, I wish you all can enjoy vapes on, thank you, guys!