Big Promotion>> 25mm IJOY Combo RDA on!

Hi vapers,
Not long time ago, I introduced ijoy new product IJOY Combo RDTA II to you guys! Do you remember that? 8)
Today, it is my pleasure to introduce the twin to you, but there one new material for you!
Waring! the  item is heat-resisting:-*
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The Combo RDA is a 25mm diameter atomizer with bottom airflow system. It comes with very innovative spring design deck which is a "tool-less" RDA, that means you don't need tweezers or tools for setting coils on posts, the 24K gold plating allows for greater conductivity.

The PEI version:
Ultem is a High-Temperature plastic with a significantly higher melting point compared to delrin. Give the Combo RDA a fresh look while enjoying the comfort of these caps.