Do you know about iStick Pico RDTA?

Hello, vapers. If you click to read this article, you may like or interest in iStick Pico RDTA. What make it speical? Let’s talk about it.


Appearance- the size of iStick Pico, 50mm*24mm*100mm, 148.7g, which is definitely a compact kit and comfortable to carry and hold. As to the appearance, i think if you like Punk-style subject, you will like iStick Pico. Look at it, cool black, bloody red and cold metal are the main color of the body. The prints are just like tattoo. If having a ecig like iStick Pico cannot make you fashionable and cool, I don’t know what can be.

Rebuild-This new iStick Pico RDTA is designed all-in-one style setup, with excellent performance and an innovative rebuildable dripping tank system.

Lots of new vapers think it is a bit troublesome to clean it because you have to remove some sections first. So Eleaf makes the parts of iStick Pico RDTA removable. You can see the sections from the picture. The coil deck can be removed so that you can rebuild and install coils easily. And 4-hole deck provide quicker wick refilling.

Refill-there is a large fill hole on side of the base, and it can reduce liguid waste in some way.

Airflow-8-hole on the tube allows extensive airflow and you can also adjust it by turning the mouthpiece. The wide bore drip tip releases giant cloud, which gives you an enjoyable experience.

More definitions:  

  1. The tank has a internal light that reflects e-liquid level.(4.2ml)
  2. Inbuilt 2300mAh Battery with 75W Maximum Output.
  3. Fire Buttonon top can be pressed at ease.
  4. Preheat function allows the device to quickly heat up the coil at a higher wattage.
  5. Four switchable display interfaces: Puff interface, Second interface, Voltage interface and simplified interface, allowing you to choose the interface you are most accustomed to.