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I know you wait for IJOY CAPO 100W a long long time, please let me tell you the good news, now, it is in stock on! So, if you guys place order now, we can ship it to you in 24 hours, just for $39.99 after you login, we will never sell the item for such a cheap price again. If you miss out the this good time, I just can say sorry to you! Ok, let check>>

IJOY CAPO 100 Kit comes with a IJOY CAPO 100 TC and a Captain Mini subohm tank. The CAPO 100 MOD is powered by a 3750mAh 21700 cell with 40A continuous discharge current, which drives the CAPO up to 100W and dramatically shrinks down its size.

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<Login For Big Discount>REV NITRO $39.00& REV SPORT $45.00

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Do you like robot, today, I will introduct two robot shape vapes to you, I hope you guys will enjoy it, and please remember to login to get the big discount!

REV NITRO 200W comes with stylish design that fits like a race driver's glove, and a special button for increased performance whenever you need it. It is constructed of light-weight components and has the unique REV menu system to help navigate the fastest tracks. $39.00 afer login.

REV SPORT 101W is a beautiful multi-functional TC mod for your vape life in any event. Sleek and built for agility, comfort, and speed. With built-in 4200mAh battery, the mod can power up to maximum 101W. With interchangeable grills, you can personalize your REV Sport to emulate your driving style. Login to get it for $45.00

Big Brand Big Promotion! Hot Discount For Ijoy, Smok, Wismec~~

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These items you may be interested in:
Ijoy Captain RTA
Smok PRIV V8 Kit
WISMEC Predator 228W

Which Latest TC Mod do you like? Wotofo,REV or VOOPOO?

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I wanna say how are you? I hope you guys are all ok.
And now, some TC box mods will be released in, if you are TC mod fans, you should get thw news, please choose one of them you like.

1,Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk 200W features beautiful look with zinc alloy and resin construction. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, it is also a powerful mod with maximum output wattage up to 200W. It is extremely durable and supports multiple modes to meet different needs of both beginners and advanced vapers. Remember to get it for $75.99

2,REV GTS 230W box mod comes with supreme luxury, HD screen and beautiful ergonomic design, and is powered by dual 18650 batteries for maximum output up to 230W. The phenomenal menu system gives you options galore for full control and the screen even features multi-color option detail to create match your vaping lifestyle.

3,VOOPOO Alpha I 222W Box Mod is a versatile box mod catering to all users, from beginners to advanced vapers, powered by the super US Gene Fun chip with dual 18650 batteries. Accurately pulsed power output max 222w under LOVE mode. Cool, clean, all-metal box fast and fastest fire speed - 0.025s. $55.99 on

Who Says Niche Brands Aren't Good? You Can Try These Items!

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If you pay attention, you can find that some brands you might never hear their names are shown on all kinds of online stores. Some vapers despise these items, regarding them as products not worth trying. But I think whatever big brand was from the niche brand, so you can try these items, maybe it will surprise you!

1,Hotcig Centaur RTA

Hotcig Centaur is a 24mm single coil RTA with expandable tank capacity, and large single coil build deck, whose build deck features two gold plated post design with a single 3mm terminal per post and has large 6mm by 4mm wicking slots. You can find it for $22.99 on

2,ASMODUS Galatek RDA W/ Squonk Pin

ASMODUS Galatek is a low profile 24mm rebuildable dripping atomizer that features a unique design. The top cap is designed to maximize heat dissipation while intensifying flavor. The cap is composed of 2 parts: a curved top piece to maximize flavor and a sleeve with 4 large holes which vent out heat during use. $24.99 on!

3,Original STEAM CRAVE

This is the feature of Original STEAM CRAVE: Top filling system;Bottom adjustable airflow;Juice flow control design with lock signs;Capacity: 10ml;Diameter: 30mm; New air intake screen design. Please remember to get it for $30.99 on

Anyway, if niche brands want to have a popularity as big brands, it is a long road for them!

<First Adapter> Wotofo Shield Protection Adapter $22.49

Wotofo Shield is the first protection adapter for your favorite Mechanical Mod. It is a bliss for vapers who are still on the way to harness the advanced gears in the world of vaping. Now, you don't have to worry about the safety issues of a mech mod.
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-First Protection adaptor to ensure a safety vaping experience.
-Brass with gold plated contact pin for better electronic conductivity.
-Multiple protection: Short circuit protection,battery protection, over out-put current protection, over out-put voltage protection, Low out-put voltage protection, Output anti-reverse protection

Never Use IJOY Capo Squonk Mod, How Dare Say You Are Vaper?

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I may say you guys senior vapers, big brand ijoy launched a new product, compared with traditional box mod, the Capo Squonk Mod can satisfy your taste about shape and high performance. Let's see the detail>>

IJOY Capo Squonk is compatible with 21700 and 20700 batteries, providing a long-lasting device with great performance capability. iJoy Capo Squonk is an innovative squonker with high performance capability and functionality.
This bottom feeding capo squonker will be the perfect device for a squonking experience.
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Or if you wanna get the Kit, of course no problem, you can get it on, please check>>IJOY Capo Squonk Kit just $49.99.